Sponsorship Application

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Do you guys offer sponsorships?

Yes we do! Your best chance to get sponsored is when we release a new product application for your vehicle, or you have a complete, show ready, feature ready car.

How do I get my car sponsored by Function & Form?

The first step is sending your formal sponsorship application in PDF format including pictures. Your sponsorship application should include details on your build, current suspension, what shows you are planning on attending this season, and how you would advertise for Function & Form. Any additional information you would like to include would be helpful. Remember, this does not guarantee sponsorship, this just gets your proposal a chance to be reviewed. Provided below is our list of required information.

  • Modifications: Please provided a list of all current and future modifications (interior, Exterior, Engine, Etc.)
  • Contributing Sponsors: Submit a list of all additional contributing companies along with a short description of the products or services that they are providing.
  • Vehicle Exposure: Detailed marketing plan including a schedule (approximate timeframe) of auto shows and enthusiasts events, magazines, promotional, advertising and other PR events/publications in which the vehicle will be displayed at.
  • Project Duration: When will our products be required? When will the modifications be complete? For what length of time will the vehicle be utilized as an image vehicle?
  • Contact Information: Name, address, email and phone number of the owner of vehicle. This person must also be responsible for the legal agreement, project build, and all commitments.
  • Resume Submission: All resumes and/or proposals must be submitted to Function & Form Autolife Inc. for review. Send all resumes and/or proposals to support@f2autolife.com titled “Sponsorship Program”.
  • Graphic Placement: Function & Form Autolife Inc. has the right to display a minimum of four decals of it’s name and product name on the sponsored vehicle for one year.
  • Product Placement: Sponsored products must be installed or displayed on the vehicle at all times during events such as magazine or brochure photo shoots, auto shows, or any other public events for a period of one year.
  • Proof of Placement: Function & Form Autolife Inc. requires photographic proof that all sponsored items have been installed on the vehicle within 30 days after receipt of the merchandise. Copies of all magazine articles featuring the vehicle must be submitted within 10 days of issue release. In addition, Function & Form Autolife Inc. also requires pictures of the sponsored vehicle when displayed at events within 10 days after event. Pictures can be emailed to support@f2autolife.com along with vehicle owners name, vehicle year, make, and model.

What does Function & Form look for in a sponsored car?

The first thing we look for is a professional approach. Is your application well thought out and presented in a professional manner? We want to work with people who are serious about following through with their build and will return the investment that Function & Form is making in their project.

The second thing we look for is build quality. Since sponsoring a car means we are attaching our name to that build it is important for us to sponsor builds that align with our standards. Because we like to see the quality in the build, we typically look for builds that are closer to completion. This allows us to fully see what we are investing in.

Finally we are looking for someone with a good track record on builds. This is where the additional information comes in. Have you had successful builds in the past? Are you in good standings with any other companies who have sponsored you? Let us know! Any one can build a great car but we are looking for people who will be great partners.

I think my car is awesome, and I have big plans, why didn't I get sponsored?

We receive a LOT of sponsorship requests and while we would love to sponsor everyone we can only sponsor a limited number of people each year. This is why we have to be very selective when it comes to who receives a sponsorship. This means that we have to pass on some pretty great builds, and plans even though we love and respect what you are doing with your car.

After I am sponsored, what do I have to do?

Within the first 60 days after receiving your product Function & Form asks that you create a review on the product, including installation photos and post on social media / forums. Submit high res pictures from a professional photo shoot. Photos must be untagged/unmarked. Be available for a photo shoot/video with Function & Form Autolife Inc. Have a minimum of three posts on social media with our product installed. Include hashtags for our company and product. Have vehicle represent our company with stickers and signs at all participating events. Minimum of three decals must be clearly visible on the vehicle. If possible be available for Function & Form sponsored events.