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Do you have Function & Form coilovers and want to go from static to air ride? Maybe you like the idea of air, but not sure if its the long term solution for you? Introducing Function & Form ONAIR. Our kits are designed so no cutting, welding or trimming is required to convert the coilover to an air bag strut. This means the modification is fully reversible. This also means you can purchase our TYPE TWO or TYPE ONE coilover system with plans to convert to air-ride in the future offering a 2-in-1 capability. This can give you options to convert in the future if you cannot decide which route you want to go. With your ONAIR Conversion Kit you are provided with the single bellow bags and brackets required to replace the springs on your coilover system with air bags that allow for an adjustable height. Aero Sport bags offer better performance and handling by providing you with an adjustable spring rate. We took out the guess work on converting a Function & Form set to an air ride. No modifications are needed to the existing springs or perches on the coilovers. Swap those out and save them for later in case you want to convert back to a conventional coilover. All components of these coilovers are single part replaceable too. So no need to panic about total kit replacement if something goes out. Now that you have the strut part covered, you have the option to pick the rest of your air management system that fits your needs and budget.

Air Management

Function & Form is proud to announce that we are now working in conjunction with AccuAir to add Air Management to our ONAIR product lineup. You have trusted Function & Form with your ONAIR suspension kit and you can trust you will have the best in air management systems with AccuAir. AccuAir has been building air management systems for over 15 years. They have engineered and developed one of the best management systems on the market. Quality of products and customer service is our common denominator. We are excited to be adding the AccuAir SwitchSpeed and E-Level packages to our management line up.

All required parts for air conversion are sold together in the kit. Brackets are tailor made to fit Function & Form coilovers allowing for a customizable suspension easily converted from static to air ride and back.

Product Features

  • ONAIR Conversion Kit Made in U.S.A.
  • One year limited manufacture UAS warranty on bags and brackets
  • All parts are CNC machined on a Haas VF-2
  • The mounts are made of AluminumT6 6061
  • Synthetic rubber bags are resistant against oil and breakdown
  • Provides adjustable spring rate for better performance and handling
  • Aero Sport bags on all kits

Air Management

  • Accuair Air Management Systems
  • We offer Accuair E-Level or Switchspeed management solutions with our ONAIR systems


  • 3 Programable Valve Adjustment Speeds
  • Manual Control
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • All Down Function
  • 100% Weather Resistant
  • Advanced Burst Control Technology
  • 100% Plug and Play
  • 5 Gallon Aluminum Tank
  • Viair 400C Compressor
  • Dual 400 C Compressors (optional)
  • 3/8” Air Fittings
  • E-Level Upgradeable


  • Three Programable Heights
  • RideMonitor Mode
  • Trupostion Height Sensors
  • Ride Heigh On Start
  • Auto Calibration
  • 100 % Plug and Play
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • 5 Gallon Aluminum Tank
  • 100% Weather Resistant
  • Viair 400c Compressor
  • 3/8” Fittings


  • System is a complete bolt on solution.
  • Our Standard TYPE TWO or TYPE ONE kit can be converted to air with no cutting or welding. System is bolt-on and bolt-off.
  • Can reverse ONAIR back to standard coilover set up in a few hours. Perfect when selling vehicle, or doing repairs/maintenance to Air System.


AcuraTL2004 – 2008$1,065.00TYPE ONE COILOVERS
TSX2004 – 2008$1,065.00TYPE ONE COILOVERS$1,720.00
HondaAccord CG1998 – 2002$965.00TYPE ONE COILOVERS$1,620.00
S20001999 – 2009$955.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,842.50
InfinitiG352003 – 2008$710.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,710.00
LexusGS300/4001997 – 2005$1,045.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,895.00
GS300/4302006 – 2011$1,045.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,895.00
IS250/3502006 – 2013$1,045.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,895.00
LS4001989 – 2000$955.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,805.00
LS4302001 – 2006$955.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,805.00
Nissan350Z 2003 – 2008$710.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,710.00
SubaruForester SG 2003 – 2008$960.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,862.50
STi2005 – 2007$960.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,862.50
WRX/STi2002 – 2007/2004$960.00TYPE TWO COILOVERS$1,862.50
VW MK41999.5 – 2005$680.00TYPE ONE COILOVERS$1,425.00